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Robaroo Wallafox

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  1. Server lag is getting bad

    I think you will find that the more items added to the server bases in general will generate lag. Was one of the biggest issues with Wasteland base building. Of course i could be wrong. Just can see the server isnt as stable as it used to before before the changes..
    • 3 replies
  2. Server lag is getting bad

    Like yourselves i have been playing this game for quite a long time. I have seen good servers time and time again die due to lag. Have played on your server for awhile now and seriously seeing alot of lag issues since the last wipe. I have never seen these issues before. The problem is all the extra base building materials. Too much shit is now starting to clutter the server and at times making things really bad. Will this be looked at and cleaned up in the future?
    • 3 replies
  3. My groups suggestions...

    Instead of making post after post...think its best to make one post and update suggestions; * Please let people pick up base flags and move them. (Picking up flag will remove all items not picked up).
  4. New Trade in southern zone?

    Would like to see another trader i the southern peninsula. Would give people more reasons to go down there and spread people across the map more.
  5. Namalsk server

    Will you guys be putting up a Namalsk server as soon as it available? Would be great to see one with this community.
    • 15 replies
  6. Put a limit to building heights

    I see you have now added the green towers to bases as well... They seriously look so stupid. Look at the base north of the airfield trader. I thought this server had a little more taste than that
    • 1 reply
  7. Put a limit to building heights

    Some of the new buildings after the recent wipe are getting silly and should really be looked into. One in particular just north of Pyrgos look stupid towering so high. I know it isnt against the rules but surely something should be done about it.
    • 1 reply
  8. Remove all thermal lasers and scopes.

    Changes have been great. Still agree with Deadman..they arent needed at all in this kind of mod
    • 10 replies
  9. Vote day/night

    I like the 3hrs day, 1hr night idea. Its also true..if you create a vote system the server will be pretty much 24/7 day.
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  10. Remove all thermal lasers and scopes.

    What change did you end up making?
    • 10 replies
  11. Remove all thermal lasers and scopes.

    See this is the issue... It becomes the norm to run out every time with thermal because you feel you cant find a player quick enough.You should be enjoying the fight and the thrill of not knowing were your enemy is, instead of scanning the area with thermal and finding them within seconds. I think keeping the thermals is fine too,but right now they are way too easy to get and not appreciated. If youdie..youjust go buy another one for 700 credits. I have seen so many now say they dont use thermal..then not long afterwards we kill them and they seem to have it anyway lol I think they need to be "very rare loot". So if you get one..you appreciate the fact that you may lose it by using it. I see 2 options: 1. Remove them from the vendors as they do often enough spawn as loot out in the world. (If your lucky to find it...you will appreciate it and look after it). Actually chances are you will want revenge if you die to try and get it back. 2. Keep them on the vendor at a buying price of 10,000 credits. Remove the thermal (lazer pointers only) from the loot table so the only way you can get them is spending 10,000. (Same price as your good car or chopper). Once again if you really feel you need it to fight..you can get it. This will also make you appreciate its value more and look after it. 3. Invent and add a rare anti thermal suit to the game that cant be seen on thermal Like i mentioned before...almost every kill (apart from new spawns who have gear from towns) seem to have a thermal lazer point and it really is making it tooeasy and in fact very boring when engaging enemies. You cant seem to be able to run within 1.5km of a zone before someone has already spooted you with a thermal and shooting at you.
    • 10 replies
  12. Remove all thermal lasers and scopes.

    Yeah..old school. If im getting sniped i want to spend time working out where they are. I dont want to scan the horizon looking for a heat scource which i will find within seconds.
    • 10 replies
  13. Remove all thermal lasers and scopes.

    Been on your server for quite some time now and the only issue is all thermal lasers and scopes. Seems almost every geared guy i kill is using it. Can people not spot players without using thermal anymore?? Sick of being spotted kilometers away because of thermal. Make the server fun and more even fights by removingit all like most servers.
    • 10 replies
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