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  1. Vote day/night

    I believe that wouldn´t be so great. BUT: The idea is good, and i think there is an other way to improve that. How do you think about a faster day/night circle? The Server is 4 h up, from restart to restart. Why not 3 h day and 1 h night, i mean real night, not only a dawn. Greetings
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  2. [Arma3] FPS Performance steigern

    Bei der Config nicht vergessen, diese am Schluss auf schreibgeschützt zu setzen. Da sonst Arma die GPU_DetectedFramesAhead immer wieder auf 1 setzt.
  3. Tarnung

    Hey, i write english for our international players. Serverside removed grass, mhhh, i think to increase the FPS? But i dont think they affect the server-fps, its the same like the weather dynamic, ground fog and rain doesnt affect the server fps too. Its on the client to render all of that. Without grass the ground looks so naked You cant really hide yourself even with a ghillie. Please turn the grass again back on. Greetings
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  4. Remove all thermal lasers and scopes.

    my suggestion is to remove them completely out of the game, because: - its too easy to make the missions - doing missions or a raid other players can find you too easy, even if you are over 1.5 km away they can see you through the fog. (one watches out with the designator and tell the others how to walk and kill you, even if you are well hidden) - exile isnt only survival, thats true, but a bit more seek and destroy would be really nice, where is the challenge with a laser designator on a hill overwatching a radius of 2 km..... - mentioned above against campers, my answer to that is, that camping is more easier with laser designator. watch all the bases on Hills near highloot spawns, isnt that camping? Greetings
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