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404 Ivan

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  1. Problems with other players!

    Hello, It is forbidden to go into a vehicle which tries to crush you has Kalithéa? I ask for it because the player OSSAK and Sterbehilfe were not satisfied. They returned to me it safezone, certainly to lock me into their vehicle but I ejected before. I have screens before the entrance(entry) it safezone If it is the case I returns them the stuff. Thank you.
  2. Problems with other players!

    Hello to everybody. I am Ivan of the clan 404 on theserverArma3 Exile and I come to post on the forum further to problems met with other players. My team is called hacker or glitcher and to offend every time we go into an enemy base. And the aimed players threaten us to pass on their video recordings in admins to make banish us of the server. It's boring for us. Do they know about the possibility of opening a base with a thermal scanner pro? We had problems with the following players ; -NPC-, Ufuk and (TNC) MrGone. For information, we have the screens of bases unlock. Admins!you can add my account steam (ivan3005) or that of my friend 404 ToTo (Forest). NPCComplains in the admin that a friend scan his vehicle in safezone! It's impossible to use a scan thermal pro in safezone Man. No cheat no glitch to enter in your base just use a scan thermal pro!!! Ufuk say that, you trolland that it's forbidden! It's not troll that to say you are cheaters? We know rulesand they apply to all! We don't use a cheat to enter in your base just a scan... 2 weeks we have your codes!!! Other problem concerning me, within the team TNC, there is good players and fair-play, but I let you judge for this one... http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/495766019085044849/0DB8864E7C617A23A8FB43762B13B3C96D04FA46/ http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/495766019085044983/5A22D4A6C1C3BFD035D084981D16BFF276515A12/ On other serversit's forbidden to lock with walls the players having managed to enter an enemy base, MrGone made him!Does he understand the purpose of this mod? No wall glitch...Scan!!! Learn how to use this Fuc****item. Learn how to play in Exile, it's not just shooting players or destroy vehicle. Sorry for the disturbance, I address admins, I know that what you are doing for theservand the community it is often by pleasure thank you for that. And I wish that the players understand we are on arma3 not on the SIMS, so pleasestop cryingwhen somebody kills you or steal your vehicles. *I use a translator Thanks
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