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  1. Dirty water

    Up, can somebody upload a screenshot of a barrel avalaible in the open world please ?  I'm not talking about the one which we can craft.
  2. Zombies walking through closed doors

    It sounds true   Btw yesterday i heard one stuck in a water tower and he was able to kick my ass directly through the water tower  You said it it's arma...  
  3. Dirty water

    Hi guys, How did you manage to create dirty water ? I can"t find the blue barrels on the map and to construct a water barrel I need a terriroty, which i don't have because i can't craft a flag without dirty water (for the cement). I've empty bottles but i don't know where i can find the place to craft the dirty water. Thx for your help.  
  4. Zombies walking through closed doors

    Alright the zombies are able to pass closed doors and sometimes they are moving directly through walls. So by now if you are stuck in a house surrended by zombies you are dead because they can easlily reach you, there is no escape.
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  5. BoomBoom's first review

    My bad if i had no map it's simply because i didn't have one in my inventory.   
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  6. BoomBoom's first review

    Hi guys ! I'm new on this community but I hope that my review will be helpful. I must be one of the first players who has tested your new server, so i'll try to describe it quicky for those who want to try it. To be clear it's a perfect crossover between DayZ and Exile.   - Loot is harder to find  - Zombies are not easy to kill - The map is awesome (atmosphere changes, real dark night, irradiated area etc) - 3 spawns outside the map, you need to take a boat during 2 mins to reach the coast (it's no more possible to quickly retrieve his loot on his dead body)   PS : I'm not sure if it is a bug so i'll not create a topic for it until i'm sure, my map was sometimes not working, it said that i had no signal.   See You soon, the server worth it.   
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